Inspired by true events, Opal tells the captivating tale of self-taught naturalist and cult icon Opal Whiteley. Raised in a logging camp, Opal catapults to fame with the publication of her childhood diary, then to infamy when readers suspect a hoax. While the scandal has yet to be resolved, the film rides the tension between fact and fiction, and presents a character who embodies the possibilities of both.

Opal premiered at Mill Valley Film Festival, where screenings sold-out in minutes. After two sold-out shows and sixty calls in one day, the Bijou Art Cinemas scheduled a successful week-long theatrical run of the film in Eugene, Oregon. Opal won the Nell Shipman Directing Award from the Long Island Film Festival, as well as two screenwriting awards.

Opal Whiteley’s fan base has made her the subject of nine books, several plays, and a BBC program. Her writing has been translated into Italian, French, German, and internationally readers continue to be inspired by her love of nature